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October 5, 2022

This is not for you

The work that my team and I do is not for everybody. It’s deliberate, the benefits of our process aren’t evident to everyone. But if you need what we build then you will understand why we use the process and workflows that we do. This purposeful gatekeeping of our work allows us to maintain efficiencies inherent in the system. The professionalism that we draw upon means that we can trust in our process and deliver an outcome that is valued by our clients....

April 2, 2021

What is the change you seek to make?

I spent a long time idolising the WordPress platform. I built themes and websites as a hobby and never really knew any better. I spent the best part of 15 years developing in WordPress. But it only took me a couple of years of working with it professionally to discover that it really is garbage. Don’t get me wrong there are some great WP based sites out there and if you have a dedicated team of professionals maintaining your WordPress site, it’s a brilliant platform....

March 28, 2021

You are not a short order cook. You are here to lead us.

As one of those who read my Blog regularly, you already know that I’m a bit of a Seth Godin fan to say the least but I recently started on his latest book The Practice. So far it is excellent and is an extension of the voice and theories I found in This is Marketing and I reckon there are other juicy bits of this book to get my teeth into and post about here....

March 26, 2021

We have forestry!

It’s gone midnight but I am posting from for today’s blog post. Quite honestly it is an incredible CMS. It has taken me less than five minutes to set up two sites this evening. I mean who wants to jump into VScode all the time when you have a CMS that commits. :p

March 25, 2021

People Like Us

The heavy_check_mark. In Slack, one of the emojis is a check mark it signifies that a task is complete. When one of your colleagues tells you that a task is complete you probably use it as an acknowledgement. Unfortunately the standard emoji is a gross, lurid, neon green But programmers like dark mode and a lot of programmers use Slack. So I was interacting in Slack with a new but old client yesterday and discussing project details and he checkboxed something I wrote but he used a heavy_check_mark....

March 24, 2021