The work that my team and I do is not for everybody. It’s deliberate, the benefits of our process aren’t evident to everyone. But if you need what we build then you will understand why we use the process and workflows that we do.

This purposeful gatekeeping of our work allows us to maintain efficiencies inherent in the system. The professionalism that we draw upon means that we can trust in our process and deliver an outcome that is valued by our clients. Much as when you go to eat at the table of a renowned chef, we require of the people we seek to serve that they too collaborate in the process and place their trust in us.

Sometimes it seems that a potential client wants what we build and would be a good fit but on closer inspection is resistant to the process. This is what happened in a call that I had this morning. This lead came from Upwork and had the potential of being a long term client. He requested a call on Good Friday but being French I forgave him. After explaining how we work and that the starting point for a development only package was that all templates were in a design programme such as Figma, XD or sketch. His marketing manager proceeded to show me his PowerPoint slides that he expected my team to develop a website from. Would he consider transferring the designs to a design programme? Nope. He had bought a bootstrap template and he just wanted his website developed like that. Then I’m afraid that is the end of the conversation. If you don’t want to be a participant in our process then please don’t waste everybody’s time on a bank holiday.

You see, you may be a technology company, you may want a Hugo or Gatsby website but even so what we build might not be for you. And if so then I’m afraid we can’t serve you.

Happy Easter! 🐣